Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body is receiving ever greater attention, as more and more people are seeing and experiencing its ability to enrich their lives, marriages and families. These International Symposia are intended to present profound reflections on the text of the Pope.

Pope John Paul II had the rare ability to respond very deeply to questions people have about the most important aspects of being human. He did this in an utterly unique way, and it seems to have been a special calling of his to do so in his Theology of the Body. The text represents a massive undertaking of philosophical, theological and scriptural study to get at the very heart of love, marriage, sexuality and male/female complementarity. What we have received from him in this text turns out to be a rich exploration of metaphysical, human, relational and theological points, forming a complete anthropology which can become a source for understanding very many dimensions of the meaning of life, personhood, and God, as well as a way to express the underlying reasons on which the moral teachings of the Catholic Church are based.

Theology of the Body has already impacted the lives of tens of thousands of Catholics, yet the total potential impact of the text has yet to be seen. John Paul’s lectures are not a simple catechesis. They are densely packed theological and philosophical discourses that demand serious scholarly examination. A growing body of theologians and philosophers are dedicating themselves to that examination, and the fruits of their work are being disseminated to Catholics by popular writers and speakers. These international Symposia gather together some of the world’s best scholars and enthusiasts in the effort to deepen and broaden the understanding of Theology of the Body by exploring a very wide range of themes within it, as you will see by scrolling through the lists of talk titles from each Symposium.

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