London, UK (2011)

A Timeless Catechesis on Life and Love: 3rd International
Symposium on John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, 2011.

St Mary’s University College, Twickenham, London

Conference Purpose and

Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body is receiving ever greater attention, as more and more people are seeing and experiencing its ability to enrich their lives, marriages and families. Building on the first and second Inter national Symposia (Gaming, Austria 2007; Maynooth, Ireland 2009), this 3rd International Symposium in London, 3-5 June 2011, will present a profound reflection on the text of the Pope just one month after his beatification. An international gathering of some of the world’s best scholars and enthusiasts, the Third International Symposium will seek to deepen and broaden the understanding of Theology of the Body by exploring a wide range of themes within it. Topics to be developed include: Exposing false views of the body in light of the Catholic view of the goodness of the body/soul person; Exploring the experienced beauty of love in relation to John Paul II’s method; Showing how Theology of the Body reveals the inner meaning of marriage and family; Discovering themes in Theology of the Body which are foundational for authentic bioethics. All of the presentations will be set within the context of helping to deepen the pastoral application of Catholic teaching about human
love, the body and sexuality. Attendees will receive the tools they need to communicate the truth clearly and with confidence in a way that reveals the deep congeniality between this Church teaching and one’s own happiness, love and  family life.

Conference Host and

Recently visited by Pope Benedict XVI during his state visit to the United Kingdom, St.  Mary’s University College is the ideal venue for this International Symposium. The mission of St Mary’s is to provide high quality academic and professional higher education within a collegial ethos and sustained by Christian values. Situated on the beautiful and leafy Strawberry Hill Campus in Twickenham, St Mary’s has excellent transport routes and is only nine miles away from Heathrow Airport.

I am very pleased that the 3rd International Theology of the Body Symposium is taking place in the Diocese of Westminster, at St Mary’s University College, Twickenham. No doubt the exploration of the goodness, truth and beauty of human sexuality by the Conference’s eminent participants will enrich the still unfolding understanding of the pastoral relevance of Pope John Paul’s witness to the dignity of the human body, which God has created to share in nothing less than his own glory. Aided by the powerful intercession of the Servant of God John Paul II, may the Conference be successful in “Seeking God’s plan for love and life.” Most Reverend Vincent
Nichols; Archbishop of Westminster


Friday 3rd June


2.00pm-2.15pm Welcome
Address Professor Philip Esler,
Principal, St Mary’s University College

2.15pm-3.30pm Dr Michael Waldstein The Power of the
Experienced Beauty of Love:
The Question of Method
in the Theology of the Body

3.30pm-4.00pm Tea Break, Networking and Exhibits

4.00pm-4.45pm Dr William Newton A Clarification of the
Key Terms in Theology of the Body

5.00pm Opening Mass, Principal Celebrant: Bishop Edwin Regan

6.15pm-7.00pm Workshops

7.00pm-8.30pm Dinner

8.10pm Night Prayer

8.30pm -11.00pm Play: The Jeweller’s Shop Written by John Paul II, Performed by Ten Ten Theatre

Saturday 4th June

7.30am Mass

8.00am-9.00am Breakfast

9.15am-10.30am Dr Janet E. Smith, A Comparison of Natural
Law and Personalist Arguments
against Contraception as
found in Love and Responsibility
and Theology of the Body

10.30am-1.00am Tea Break, Networking and Exhibits

11.00am-12.15pm Dr John Crosby, The Personalism in John
Paul II’s Theology of the Body

12.15pm-1.00pm Workshops

1.00pm-2.30pm Lunch, Networking and Exhibits

2.30pm-3.45pm Dr Maria Fedoryka, Theology of the Body as
the Foundation of Marriage
and the Family

3.45pm-4.15pm Break, Networking and Exhibits

4.15pm-5.30pm Christopher West, Battle for the Body:Exorcising the Manichaean Demon and Reclaiming the Sacred Theology of our Body

5.30pm-6.15pm Workshops

6.30pm-7.15pm Forum: Dr Stephen Milne and Tommie Hughes, A Sacred Trust: The Educational Mission of the Family in the Light of the Vocation to Love.

7.15pm-8.30pm Dinner

8.15pm-9.15pm Night Prayer and Holy Hour

9.30pm Social in Waldegrave Suite

Sunday 5th June

7.00am Mass for those departing early

8.00am-9.00am Breakfast

9.00am-10.00am Dr Peter Colosi, Theology of the Body and
Dignitas Personae:
Reflections on Christian Anthropology as the Foundation of the Culture of Life: Transforming the Culture of Death from the Roots Up

10.00am-10.20am Break, Networking and Exhibits

10.20am-11.15am Edmund Adamus, Enriching Marriage Preparation

11.15am-12.10pm Matthew Pinto, How to reach the world with the Theology of the body

12.30pm Closing Mass

1.30pm Lunch and close

3.00pm Optional Holy Hour

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